Photo Credit: Henry Purcell By John Closterman 1695: NPG 4994 Creative Commons Licence: By kind permission of the Rights and Images Department of The National Portrait Gallery: “The German artist Closterman came to England in 1680. This is his only known portrait drawing, and the earliest drawing of an English composer to survive. The sketch was almost certainly taken from life and at one time belonged to the eighteenth-century musicologist Dr Charles Burney."

Family Tree

The genealogical research linking Henry Purcell to Henry Purcell Senior and to the Buckinghamshire Purcells is that of Franklin B. Zimmerman in his biography:
Franklin B. Zimmerman, Henry Purcell, 1659-1695: His Life and Times (2nd rev. edn, Philadelphia, 1983)

cousin calculator

This Cousin Calculator shows that John Purcell (Died 1658) was HENRY PURCELL COMPOSER’s (1659-1695) Grandfather and my 9th Great-Grandfather; making me Henry Purcell COMPOSER's 1st Cousin 9 x Removed.

Cousin chart

This Cousin Chart shows the first time the PURCELL name enters the Wildman family tree with Elizabeth Purcell (1718-1783) my 5th Great-Grandparent. She was Henry PURCELL COMPOSER’s First Cousin twice removed. John PURCELL (Died 1658) at the very top of the tree, was Henry PURCELL COMPOSER’s Grandfather and Elizabeth’s Great-Grandfather; making John PURCELL my 9th Great-Grandfather. Carrying on that line down through the Wildmans, who Elizabeth Purcell married into (William WILDMAN 1718-1780), makes me HENRY PURCELL COMPOSER's First Cousin 9 x removed.